Mass: 550 kg  (with deflector)
Material: 4mm Steel
Height: 3000 mm
Width: 1000*1000 mm
Depth: 700 mm
Maximum working pressure: 7 tons

This test pad will be located at a military test  area named P4 Kvarn about 40 km outside Linköping city. It is a guarded testing area where they practice with armored vehicles.

The pad is designed for "hold down" principle, but in practice it is not enough to keep the engine securely in place.  So to be sure that the engine should not move during the test, the whole fixture is bolted into the concrete foundation it stands on. It also has a 1.5 meter thick concrete wall around itself for shrapnel protection.

In case of a fire, the system has its own sprinkler system to wash away burning fuel.
But with each test, there are also military fire trucks on standby in case it would be a bigger fire.

Adjustable platform for the fueltanks